Frequently Asked Questions

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What camera equipment do you use?

I currently use a Nikon D300 digital SLR camera. It’s over ten-years-old and could stand to be replaced when I am able to. I have one working lens that I use for all photos on my blog — a Nikkor 105mm macro lens. I also look forward to upgrading my lenses someday, but for now I make the most of what I have!

Where do you shop for gluten-free ingredients?

I have many readers ask for advice on finding the gluten-free flours and ingredients I share in my recipe posts. We do the majority of our shopping at a store called Sprouts. We also shop at a store called Natural Grocers. You can also find many organic and certified gluten-free products in the grocery section of Target and at Safeway! When we shop online it’s often at Thrive Market, which carries a wide variety of gluten-free products under their own brand name at super reasonable prices.

Can I use your recipe(s) in a round-up post?

Yes! Feel free to share a photo with a link back to the recipe on my site in your round-up posts with proper credit. But, please do not ever share the full recipe on your site! Thank you.

Are you vegan?

No, I am not. I am vegetarian and have been vegetarian since the age of eight. I have been vegan for long stretches of time in my life quite a few times. While I stand behind veganism 110 % ethically, I find that my body grows quite depleted on a vegan diet, often becoming deficient in vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D despite all best efforts. When I incorporate some dairy products, I instantly feel healthier and stronger. Having said that, I still eat about 80% vegan and enjoy creating and sharing vegan recipes immensely! I am a firm believer that every body has different needs and its important to listen to one’s own intuition to find what works best for them without shame or guilt!

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