Substitutions for Lemongrass

If you are looking for amazing substitutes for lemongrass then this is the place to find them. Lemongrass is such a fantastic ingredient full of vibrancy and favor. Finding alternatives is easier than you might think with some of the suggestions I have for you.

Lemongrass is a herb that has a lemon scent. It is often used to add a citrus zing to dishes and is very apparent in most Thai and Asian recipes.

Kaffir Lime Leaves

Like Lemongrass, this is also a very popular ingredient in Asian and Thai cooking, so you may already have heard of it or used it before.


Ginger is a great ingredient to use as a substitute for lemongrass, and the great news is that you likely have it in your home already.


Cilantro has a distinct flavor and is very apparent when used in dishes.

Double Chocolate Chickpea Flour Cookies


Lemongrass has the scent and flavor of lemon anyway, so adding lemon juice or the zest of a lemon is a great alternative if you can’t use lemongrass.

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