11 Amazing Ramen Recipes

These 11 super easy, delicious, and comforting Ramen Recipes all offer creative and tasty ways to use your favorite ramen noodles for some healthy wholesome soups any time of year! Bonus: they are all plant-based!

Let's Take A Look At Some Recipes!

Vegan Ramen

An easy, healthy, and deliciously creamy Vegan Ramen recipe made with a rich broth and gluten-free ramen noodles.

Easy Vegan Ramen Noodles

20 minutes is all it takes to get this healthy curry ramen noodle dinner on the table! Loaded with fresh veggies and rich curry flavors, you’ll feel good about serving this meal to your family!

Vegan Spicy Ramen Noodles

While the Japanese don’t really make Ramen at home (they eat out at their local Ramen restaurants), those of us without that option can now make a bowl of authentic Vegan Spicy Ramen Noodles wherever we are.

Butternut Squash Vegan Ramen

This quick & easy autumn-inspired vegan ramen bowl is filled with nutritious and delicious butternut squash for a creamy texture and comforting flavor.

Vegan Soy Milk Ramen

This Vegan Soy Milk Ramen is seriously flavourful, creamy, warming and comforting!

Sesame Ramen

A delicious Vegan Creamy Sesame Ramen recipe from Melissa Copeland of the fantastic vegan food blog The Stingy Vegan.

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