DIY Spice Blends to Give Away as Gifts

Have a cooking or grilling addict on your gifting list this year? Or someone who needs a little inspiration in the kitchen for the upcoming new year? Thankfully, these 15 DIY spice blend recipes have you covered for any friend, family member, or coworker!

Let's Take A Sneak Peek!

Walnut Dukkah from MOON and spoon and yum

An easy and delicious Egyptian seasoning blend.

Garam Masala from Simmer to Slimmer

Learn how to make Garam masala - the quintessential spice blend that makes Indian curries and biryanis come to life.

Homemade Bouillon Powder from Maple Mango

Add amazing flavor to your food with this homemade bouillon powder. Vegetarian but tastes like chicken bouillon powder! Easy and so good!

Double Chocolate Chickpea Flour Cookies

Popcorn Seasonings from Amanda's Cookin

Have a movie lover on your gift list? This recipe has 7 delicious popcorn recipe variations!

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