BBQ Walnut Chickpea Veggie Burgers 

Healthy, easy, and delicious BBQ Chickpea Walnut Burgers. These hearty and filling vegan and gluten-free burgers can be pan-fried or grilled and pack a most delightful flavorful punch!


In a food processor or high speed blender combine all the ingredients Blend until relatively smooth & evenly combined, but with some bits of coarse texture still showing through.

Cover and refrigerate your burger mixture for at least 1 hour. Divide your burger mixture into about 1/4 cup dollops.

Shape into patties with your hands, wetting your fingers as needed if the mixture sticks at all. Heat a lightly greased skillet on the stove over medium heat or alternatively heat a grill to medium heat and let pre-heat about ten minutes.

Grill each burger for about 4 minutes each side or until desired golden crispiness.

Garnish with more BBQ sauce before serving. Enjoy!

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