Substitutions for Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is not just a tasty topping for your favorite pancakes and waffles!


Honey and pure maple syrup are great substitutes for each other. The flavor of these two is distinctly different but complementary.

Simple Syrup

If you are looking to top your morning pancakes or add to your oatmeal  you can add flavoring and extracts to make a unique syrup.


 Like maple syrup, it will add a deeper flavor to your baked goods, frostings, and other sweet treats.

Brown Rice Syrup

The color is similar and the flavor of brown rice syrup is mild yet sweet so it will help achieve the color you are after without altering the final product of your recipe too much.

White or Brown Sugar

Simply substituting whatever sweetener you have in the kitchen like plain old white or brown sugar (or coconut sugar) can do the trick.

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Real maple syrup is also quite expensive and if you run out long after the new season the price can be even higher.

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