How Many Oz in a Gallon? – Easy Conversions + Free Printable Chart!

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In the U.S. many liquids are sold in gallons and quarts. But exactly how many ounces are in a gallon? Learn how many oz are in a gallon here, plus grab a FREE printable kitchen conversion chart!

How Many Oz in a Gallon? - Easy Conversions + Free Printable Chart!
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Wondering how many ounces in a gallon? You’re not alone! Figuring out the oz to gallon conversions has many people stumped and scratching their heads. The good news is that measurement systems can be remembered by breaking them down into a system that works. When figuring out our fl oz, liters, and how to convert gallons into a smaller liquid ounce, the following tips and breakdowns will help.

While it’s important to know conversions, it’s also equally as important to know HOW to figure those conversions by understanding the units of measurements as well. 

Metric vs Imperial

Even today, countries are still divided between using different measurement equations and tools. The two most common that you’ll hear about are the Imperial system and the Metric system. 

The United States customary system still uses the Imperial measurement system for measuring out feet, ounces, inches, etc. Other countries, like the UK, use the Metric system as their way to measure. (however, just because nothing in life is simple, there are some portions of the UK that use a UK Imperial system (a variation of the imperial system) of measurement for UK fluid and UK gallons, etc. of conversion as well) 

Many consider the metric system an easier way to convert a unit of volume or a gallon of liquid but that’s just a matter of personal opinion. The US system has been using the Imperial measurement for a few hundred years now.

What is a Gallon?

A gallon is a volume measure of an amount of liquid. A US gallon is equal to four quarts. You’ll often hear people refer to needing a “gallon of water” or a half-gallon of milk from the store. 

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as a “dry gallon” as well. Dry gallons are converted at a rate of 1 US liquid gallon = .86 dry gallons. 

What is an Ounce?

An ounce is a very, very small portion. The exact measurement of an ounce is that 1 ounce = 1/16th of a pound of weight. 

You’ll often hear ounces referred to when measuring out food items during baking, like butter or seasonings. Most US fluid ounces (also known as the imperial fluid ounce) are referred to in ounces as written on the cans or containers that it’s in. This helps you to know the volume of liquid that is held inside. 

Ounces to Gallons

As most people who deal with equations or spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, most measurements have to be converted at some point in time. Not all recipes or directions are written in a way that makes them universal. For this reason, it’s important to be able to convert gallons to other forms of measurement. 

How Many Oz in a Gallon?

In one liquid gallon, there are 128 fluid ounces of liquid. In one Imperial gallon, there are 153.722 fluid ounces of liquid.

How Many Ounces is Half a Gallon?

In an Imperial 1/2 gallon, there are 76.86 fluid ounces. 

If you’re referring to a LIQUID 1/2 gallon, there are actually 64 fluid ounces. 

How Many 2 oz Make a Gallon?

To fill one gallon, you’ll need 128 fluid ounces. If you want to serve two gallons, that will take 256 fluid ounces. 

How Many 8 oz Make a Gallon?

The easiest way to convert a small size to a big size is to think in groups. To create a gallon, you’ll need to have sixteen 8-ounces bottles combined. This number is arrived at easily since we know that there are 128 ounces in one gallon. 

How Many 16 oz are in a Gallon?

The same thought process as above goes into this measurement equation. You’ll need to have eight 16-ounce bottles to fill a gallon, which is half the amount needed for the smaller 8-ounce bottles. 

Since they’re twice the size, you need half as much. 

How Many 24 oz are in a Gallon?

This won’t get you an exactly even number, but you’ll get close. You’ll need to have about 5.3 24-ounce bottles to equal a gallon. 

How Many 32 oz Containers Make a Gallon?

The larger the container, the less you’re going to need! To make a gallon out of 32-ounce containers, you’ll just need four of them.

You can also think about this in terms of quarts since one quart equals 32 ounces and 4 quarts equals one gallon. 

How Many 64 oz Make a Gallon?

We’re going up again in size. For a gallon, you’ll just need to have two 64-ounce containers. 

Tips When Converting Measurements

There can be times when it might feel a tad bit overwhelming to convert certain measurements. It’s not uncommon to have moments when you may not know how to change measurements to pints or how to convert inches to ml, cm, or other lengths and portions. Whether it’s a measure of volume or unit of weight, it can be tricky!

Knowing how conversation rates work and having a calculator handy can help. There are also many online resources and guidelines that you can use to research and help convert for you. 

The worst possible thing that you can do when it comes to trying to convert is to guess. Since measurements are used from everything ranging from cooking to home projects, having as exact measurement and conversion as possible is key. 

If you talk to a professional baker or someone who spends their time building houses for a living, they’d agree! Guessing on units and ounces will only result in a lack of time and frustration and will more than likely, have you starting over from scratch time and time again. 

Free Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart

This free conversion chart is excellent to have on hand! I highly recommend that you print it, laminate it, and have it stored in a place in your kitchen that it’s easily accessible and ready to use. Putting it on the inside of your spice cabinet and holding it there with a piece of tape would be perfect! Or laminating it and adding magnets, and putting it on your fridge is awesome, too. 

The more you convert, the more you’re going to get used to it. You may find that after a short time, you’re able to memorize many of them and be converting measurements and units like a pro! 

Free Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart

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