Substitutions for Almond Extract

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If you’re looking for suitable substitutions for almond extract or an almond extract replacement for your baking recipes, then you came to the right place! Let’s take a closer look at this unique flavoring.

an amber glass bottle filled with almond extract surround by scattered raw almonds
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Almond extract is a valuable addition to your baking cabinet. This particular extract is not actually made from almonds, but from the pits of cherries and other fruits in the drupe family. The fruit pits tend to taste more like the almonds you eat, than raw bitter almonds do. Almond extract is a great way to add flavor to sweet treats and balance the acidity of sour cherries in your favorite cherry pie. This extract is rarely vital to a recipe and is more of a flavor enhancer. You can easily substitute almond extract when baking and cooking without sacrificing too much flavor.

a close up macro shot of almonds

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is another popular extract for flavoring and can make a great substitute for almond extract. Vanilla is great for adding flavor to your favorite baked goods and can be used, in this case, to help enhance other added flavors in your cooking and baking. Because almond extract is a different flavor from vanilla, you may need to double the amount of extract to get the same flavor intensity. If you are looking for a milder option, simply substitute vanilla extract for almond extract in a 1 to 1 ratio.

Vanilla extract will work to bring flavor and aroma to your recipe, bringing them to life. While the flavor will be slightly different, most people won’t even notice that you changed something.

a clear bottle of vanilla extract
Vanilla Extract

Almond Liqueur

Almond liqueur actually has almond flavoring added to it, making it an excellent substitute for almond extract. However, the flavor is a lot less pronounced in almond liquor, so you will need to use much more of it to get the same flavor. This can take 4 to 8 teaspoons for every teaspoon of almond extract.
Due to how much this takes to get a strong flavor it is best used in baking recipes and those that will cook down for quite a while to give the alcohol time to cook out. You will want to adjust other liquids in your recipe to help avoid watering down your batters, fillings, and sauces, too.

a glass of almond liqueur
Almond Liqueur

Spiced Liquor

When looking for substitutes for almond extract, spiced liquor makes a great choice. For the best results, you want to double or triple the amounts when using spiced liquor like rum, bourbon, and brandy in your recipes. You should also adjust your other liquids accordingly, just like you do with using almond liquor. This option will more drastically change the flavor of your recipe, adding a unique and interesting touch to your favorite recipes that call for almond extract.

a top shot view of rum in a clear glass
Spiced Liquor

Almond Milk

Does your recipe happen to call for milk? If so, and you do not have almond extract on hand, you can simply swap the milk out for almond milk to add a light almond flavor to your recipe. For a stronger flavor, cook the almond milk down to remove some of the water content, so you can add more almond flavor to your recipe, while still using the same amount of liquid called for in the recipe.

a clear carafe of freshly made almond milk
Almond Milk

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