Is Hummus Gluten-Free?

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Is Hummus Gluten-Free? Vegan? Vegetarian? Find out below in this informative post all about hummus including gluten-free hummus brands, what to serve with hummus and more!

fresh homemade hummus in bowls
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What is hummus?

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made from chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans. It is now a popular dip in the United States and in many places around the world. Hummus is marketed as a healthy food, with an emphasis on its high protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber content. As such, many health-conscious people consider it a good option for people on a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet.

a bowl of hummus topped with chickpeas, olive oil, paprika and parsley.

What is hummus made of?

Hummus is a type of dip made from ground chickpeas and sesame tahini, which is usually blended with lemon juice, olive oil, fresh garlic and salt and then sometimes flavored with different herbs and spices like parsley, paprika or cumin.

Are chickpeas gluten free?

Chickpeas are gluten-free so long as they’re not cross-contaminated from wheat and other gluten-based products. Try to buy certified gluten-free if necessary and make sure to thoroughly rinse them before cooking or consuming.

Does tahini have gluten?

Tahini does not have gluten as long as it has not been cross-contaminated with gluten-containing ingredients like wheat, barley or rye. Look for certified gluten-free labels. If you’re still unsure, then you can also verify that the product is certified gluten-free by calling the manufacturer or using their website’s online form.

bowls of hummus ingredients including sesame seed tahini, chickpeas, cumin seeds, paprika, pepper, lemon juice and garlic.
Hummus ingredients.

Is hummus gluten-free?

Yes, classic hummus is gluten-free. Hummus is made of ground chickpeas and tahini, which is made of ground sesame seeds. However, just like its individual ingredients, cross-contamination and additives like salt, sugar, gums, spices and thickeners may interfere with its gluten-free status. To be certain hummus is gluten-free, buy certified gluten-free hummus or make it yourself.

Is store-bought hummus gluten free?

Most store-bought hummus is gluten-free, however, some brands contain traces of gluten in them. You can make your own homemade hummus to be absolutely certain it is gluten-free or look out for the certified gluten-free label on the product packaging. If still unsure, reach out to the manufacturer to verify whether the particular product is indeed gluten-free.

Is hummus vegan?

Most traditional homemade and store-bought hummus is vegan and dairy-free, but be certain to look closely at the ingredients if you are still unsure. 

serve gluten free hummus with fresh cut veggies and pita bread.
How-to serve hummus.

What to eat with hummus?

Hummus is great served as a dip with veggies and pita bread, paired with hard boiled eggs, drizzled onto salads or wraps, used as a pizza sauce or as a spread on a sandwich!

Hummus Variations

Hummus is very versatile, especially if using a homemade recipe, and can be made in many different flavor combos. Some of our favorite hummus flavors are  beet, garlic, roasted red pepper, jalapeño and cilantro avocado.

beet hummus, classic hummus and other homemade gluten free hummus varieties in a spread.
Hummus varieties.

Gluten-Free Hummus Brands

The following brands of hummus are gluten-free: 

Gluten-Free Hummus Recipes

Spicy Cilantro Avocado Hummus

Creamy Beet Hummus

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  1. I have an extremely limited diet due to tons of allergies. I try to make everything that I eat as jam packed with as much nutrition as I can pack into it. I am always trying to make things ahead for any circumstance. My main way to make my life easier is that I purchase chicken thighs when they are on a really great sale. I remove the skin and I leave the bones because the bones hold a lot of flavor. Using wide mouth canning jars I put about 1/4 c. of water in each jar then add 1/2 c. of raw brown rice to the jar. Add 1 tsp. salt and stuff 3 to 4 chicken thighs into the jar. Add water to the bottom of the where the jar starts to lose it’s ” shape”,,, where the threads for the rings begin. By doing the rice and chicken this way the rice takes on the juices from the chicken. You also get all the natural gelatin from the chicken,too. By the time the chicken has pressured the rice is cooked through and you didn’t have to tend to it for what seems like forever. When I want to make a batch of hummus all I have to do is empty a bottle of chicken and rice into a large bowl. Pull all of the bones and the cartilage end caps out of the chicken pieces. I usually add a can of store bought garbanzo beans that have been drained into the basic mixture.Then I can flavor it anyway I want. I can go with a European, Asian or South of the Border Vibe just by what I add to the mixture. I love eating it with gluten free pretzel sticks. It travels well and is quite filling. .My husband loves it and he can eat anything he wants.

  2. This hummus looks amazing! Look at those gorgeous colors! I love homemade hummus, thanks for sharing.

  3. This was such a helpful guide to all things hummus! And as someone who has recently gone gluten-free, it’s very reassuring to know that one of my favorite foods is still something I can eat! Thank you!

  4. Love the idea of pita bread and hummus!! Sounds like a great pairing and super healthy also!

  5. Hummus is a staple in my household and it’s so versatile. I have however never tried making it myself although I should. It would mean it would be healthier and I can control what goes in it in stead of getting the store bought ones. You have inspired me! I’ll try it on the weekend.