Top 13 Fermented Hot Sauce Recipes

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Fermented hot sauce recipes significantly transform how we enjoy spicy condiments. They bring not just heat, but also a complex depth of flavor that can only be achieved through the fermentation process. If you’re looking to elevate your meals with something more than just a generic bottle of hot sauce, these recipes will take your taste buds on an exciting, flavor-packed journey!

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Fermented hot sauce recipes bring a world of vibrant flavors and gut-friendly probiotics right into your kitchen. Combining the fiery kick of hot peppers and chili peppers with the ancient art of lacto-fermentation, these recipes are a gateway to creating flavorful condiments that boast an improved shelf life and an intricate flavor profile. Whether you’re using a blender to achieve a smooth blend or opting for a more textured mixture, the process begins with simple ingredients like sea salt, onions, and an array of peppers from cayenne to scotch bonnets. Mason jars, fermentation vessels, and airlock lids become your allies in this fermentation adventure, ensuring your sauces ferment properly without the interference of unwanted mold or kahm yeast.

A collage of different sauces and condiments in jars, featuring fermented hot sauce recipes.

The magic of these recipes lies in the transformation that occurs as good bacteria and lactic acid bacteria get to work, turning your blend of hot peppers, garlic cloves, and other spices into a fermented masterpiece. From the initial brine to the final strain, each step is a dance with biology and flavor, yielding sauces that range from tangy to fiery, with a depth of flavor complexity that store-bought versions can’t match. These fermented hot sauce recipes knock sauerkraut and kimchi out of the park! They not only have beneficial bacteria but layers and layers of unique flavor that can only be found in a good fermented hot sauce. As bubbles of fermentation activity become visible and the concoction is allowed to ferment at room temperature, you’re not just making sauce—you’re crafting a live food that will elevate your meals and tantalize your taste buds!

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Fermented Hot Sauce Recipes

In this collection, we’ve listed 13 of the best fermented hot sauce recipes that will set your taste buds on fire—in the best way possible. From the tangy kick of classic fermented chili sauce to innovative blends that incorporate fruits and various spices, there’s something here for every heat-seeker. Enjoy!

Fermented Bajan Pepper Sauce Recipe
If you're in the mood for an absolute explosion of flavor, you will find it in this hot sauce hailing from Barbados. Nothing compares to the unique flavor combo you will find here, not to mention a perfect middle-of-the-road spice factor.
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bajan pepper sauce recipe
Fermented Honey Jalapeño Hot Sauce
This Southwestern-inspired hot sauce will win you over with its candy-like sweetness, as well as subtle, fresh-tasting heat from the jalapeños. It's a match made in heaven and suits a wide variety of dishes to boot!
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Fermented Pomegranate Rose Hot Sauce
From my book, Fermented Hot Sauce Cookbook, this pomegranate rose hot sauce is a truly unique and flavorful fermented hot sauce recipe with a big kick!
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Aji Chombo
A spicy and flavorful fermented Aji Chombo hot sauce recipe hailing from Panama, perfect for the true spice lovers!
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Fermented Sambal Oelek
A fermented take on the Indonesian chili paste Sambal Oelek, from my cookbook Fermented Hot Sauce Cookbook. Packed with probiotics and a good dose of heat and flavor! Naturally vegan and gluten-free.
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Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe
This easy to make Habanero Hot Sauce recipe is fermented for extra probiotic power and gut healing goodness! This spicy and healthy delight is packed full of habanero peppers, jalapeño peppers, garlic and its secret ingredient of carrots for that extra touch of natural sweetness and vibrancy. It is addictively delicious, complements a wide variety of dishes, and has the perfect spicy kick!
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fermented hot sauce close up yellow sauce in jar
Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe
I grew red serrano peppers in my garden this year just so I could make this fermented hot sauce recipe. It is wonderfully spicy and big on flavor. Drizzle it over anything.
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A bowl of hot sauce with red peppers around it.
Spicy Colombian Aji
Colombian Ají is the Colombian salsa of my dreams: vinegary, acidic, spicy in just the right amount, vegetable-forward and customizable.
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A bowl of green chile sauce on a wooden table.
Easy Fermented Banana Pepper Sauce
This fermented banana pepper hot sauce is packed full of flavor and probiotics. Better yet? It’s a snap to make!
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Shatta Sauce (Middle Eastern Red or Green Chili Paste)
Enter the fiery and flavorful world of Middle Eastern Shatta Sauce. Made with fresh chilies, garlic, and spices, elevate your dishes with this classic chili paste.
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Fermented Aji-Garlic Hot Sauce
A homemade hot sauce recipe made with garden grown aji peppers that have been fermented for 6 weeks, then processed with fresh garlic, lime juice and vinegar. Simple and delicious.
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A bottle of mustard sauce on a blue background.
Instant Pot Tabasco Sauce
Easy Instant Pot Tabasco Sauce recipe. Step by step guide with pictures, cooking tips, serving ideas and a recipe video. Perfect for beginners.
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A jar of tomato sauce on a wooden cutting board.
Schug, the Yemenite Hot Sauce
Schug is a green Yemenite Hot Sauce made out of cilantro, jalapeno peppers & Middle Eastern spices. It’s the best way to spice up your meals!
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Green pesto in a jar with a spoon.

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