Best Indonesian Vegetarian Food

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Discover 20 mouth-watering vegetarian Indonesian dishes, ranging from well-known favorites like gado-gado and nasi goreng to lesser-known gems like perkedel jagung and lawar. Learn about the ingredients and flavors that make Indonesian cuisine so unique and delicious!

Gado gado.
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Indonesian Food

Indonesian food items are known for their bold flavors, fragrant spices, and diverse influences. With a history spanning centuries of trade and colonization, Indonesian cuisine is a melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and European influences, resulting in a unique and flavorful fusion of dishes. From spicy curries to savory soups, vegetarian options like gado-gado and sate lilit to meaty classics like rendang and sate padang, Indonesian food offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of fiery flavors or milder, more aromatic dishes, there’s no shortage of culinary delights to discover in the rich and varied world of Indonesian cuisine, including plenty of vegetarian food options!

1. Rujak


Rujak is a fruit salad with a spicy peanut sauce. Often includes mango, papaya, sweet soy sauce, palm sugar, and cucumber. This is one of the more popular dishes in Indonesian street food cuisine and is a great way to cool down on a hot day.

2. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Fried rice with vegetables, spices, and fried egg. Can be customized with different protein options. This rice dish is a popular breakfast food in Indonesia and can be found at street food stalls across the country.

3. Sayur Lodeh

Sayur lodeh.

A coconut milk-based vegetable curry. Typically includes green beans, carrots, and cabbage. This dish is often eaten with rice or other starchy side dishes.

4. Sate Lilit

Sate lilit.

Skewered minced tofu or tempeh grilled over charcoal. Traditionally served with a spicy chili sauce. This dish is a Balinese specialty and is often served at ceremonies and festivals.

5. Tempeh Goreng

Tempeh goreng.

Deep-fried tempeh. Often eaten as a snack or added to a main dish for texture. This popular dish is a great source of protein and is suitable for both a vegan and vegetarian diet.

6. Tahu Telur

Tahu telur.

Fried tofu omelet. Typically topped with a sweet and savory peanut sauce and bell pepper. This dish is often served as a side dish or appetizer.

7. Soto Ayam

Soto ayam.

A clear Indonesian soup with vegetables, tofu, and spices. Often served with white rice cakes and lime. This dish is a popular comfort food in Indonesia and is often eaten for breakfast or lunch.

8. Ketoprak


A mix of rice cakes, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanut sauce. Typically garnished with crackers. This dish is often sold by street vendors and is a favorite among Jakarta residents.

9. Perkedel Jagung

Perkedel jagung.

Corn fritters made with flour, corn, and spices. Often eaten as a snack or side dish. This dish is a great way to use up leftover corn and can be made in large batches.

10. Pecel


A salad made with vegetables and peanut sauce. Often includes bean sprouts, water spinach, and cabbage. This dish is a popular street food in Indonesia and is often served with rice.

11. Karedok


A raw vegetable salad with peanut sauce. Similar to gado gado, but without the boiled vegetables. This dish is a popular appetizer or side dish in Indonesia.

12. Sate Padang

Sat padang.

Grilled skewered tofu or tempeh fried in hot oil and served in a spicy sauce. Often served with rice cakes and sliced cucumber. This vegetarian dish is a popular street food in Padang, West Sumatra.

13. Tahu Gejrot

Tahu gejrot.

Fried tofu in a sweet and sour sauce. Typically garnished with shallots and chili. This dish is a popular snack in the West Java region of Indonesia.

14. Opor Ayam

Opor ayam.

A coconut milk-based chicken curry, but can be substituted with tofu or tempeh. Typically includes potatoes and carrots. This dish is often served during religious celebrations in Indonesia.

15. Sop Buntut

Sop buntut.

A clear soup with vegetables and meat, but can be substituted with tofu or tempeh. Traditionally made with oxtail. This simple dish is often served at upscale restaurants in Indonesia.

16. Rendang


One of the more traditional dishes, this meat dish has a spicy taste, but can easily be substituted with tofu or tempeh. Typically served with rice. This dish is a popular Indonesian export and is often served in Indonesian restaurants around the world.

17. Sayur Asam

Sayur asam.

A sour vegetable soup. Typically includes tamarind, tomatoes, and green beans. This vegan dish is a popular comfort food in Indonesia and is typically served with steamed rice.

18. Cap Cay

Cap cay.

A stir fry vegetable dish. Often includes mushrooms, baby corn, and carrots. This traditional food is a popular option for vegetarians and can be found at many Indonesian restaurants.

19. Lawar


A salad made with finely chopped vegetables such as green beans, grated coconut, and sometimes jackfruit. Typically includes a spice paste made from garlic, chili, lime juice, and other seasonings. This dish is a specialty of the island of Bali and can be found in many traditional Balinese restaurants.

20. Gado-Gado

Gado gado.

A salad made with boiled vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and peanut sauce. Often served with crackers for added crunch. This popular food can be customized to fit different dietary needs and preferences.

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