25 Delicious Edible Rose Recipes

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A vibrant collection of 25 Rose Recipes incorporating edible rose petals or edible rose buds into delicious drinks, desserts, jam and more! All recipes are gluten-free and vegetarian. Bonus: learn about the medicinal benefits, how-to grow roses, bath and body recipes and more!

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You’ve likely seen your fair share of recipes here on the blog incorporating roses! Not only are rose petals and rose buds absolutely beautiful to look at, they are perfectly edible & delicious and pack some lovely, soothing benefits, too! I just had to put together a little collection of rose recipes in the hopes it inspires you to play around with this magical plant yourself! Enjoy.

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a pile of vibrant pink rose petals

🌹 The Edible Rose

The leaves, buds, hips and petals of roses are entirely edible. However, for the purpose of ingesting, it is best to ensure you use roses that have not been treated or sprayed with toxic fertilizers, insecticides and the like. You can grow your own organic roses to ensure they are healthy and safe, or you can purchase edible roses. When purchasing, I recommend looking for organic ‘culinary grade’, ‘food grade’ or ‘edible’ rose petals and rose buds. Quality is key when enjoying edible flowers!

a bowl filled with dark pink rosebuds on a white backdrop

📋 Rose Benefits

Roses are one of the oldest and most well-known medicinal plants! Roses are packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, perfect for soothing irritable skin conditions. They are also considered great allies for heartbreak, anxiety and depression, lifting the spirits and promoting calm and relaxation when in need. I love to keep rosewater handy in the warmer months to spritz on my face throughout the day. Not only is it delightfully cooling, inhaling the scent of rose is an instant joy. To learn all you need to know about rose medicine, visit this wonderful post by Flora’s Feast: Rose Petals Materia Medica. And, take a gander below for some delicious Rose Recipes!

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📖 25 Vibrant Rose Recipes

Rose Hot Chocolate – Flora’s Feast
In the Mood for the Love Rose Hot Chocolate for Valentine’s Day or whenever you want to set the mood!
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How to Make Rose Water at Home 2 Ways – Easy DIY Rosewater Recipe
How to make rose water at home! An easy DIY rose water recipe that can be used for culinary purposes, skincare and more!
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How to Make Rose Water at Home 2 Ways - Easy DIY Rosewater Recipe
Iced Rose Rooibos Tea Latte
This Iced Rose Rooibos Tea Latte makes a calming and refreshing plant-based drink perfect for anytime of day. Vegan and gluten-free.
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Rose and Cardamom Cupcakes – Michelle Gerrard-Marriott
Rose and Cardamom Cupcakes – Gluten-Free u0026 Vegan!
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Rose Chocolate Ganache Tart – My Tiny Laguna Kitchen
Looking for the perfect recipe for this Valentine’s day? Look no further than this rose chocolate ganache tart! It’s the perfect romantic dessert!
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Rose Petal Jam – Simply Beyond Herbs
This tasty rose petal jam of strong color and scent makes for a great addition to desserts, ice creams, or yogurt. It is very tasty when spread on bread or toast.

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DIY Aphrodisiac Tea Blend
An inspired homemade aphrodisiac tea blend designed to calm the nerves, ignite passion, enhance creativity and connect with your playful side.
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DIY Aphrodisiac Tea Blend
Rose Lassi (Rose flavoured yogurt drink) – Flavours Treat
Rose lassi is a super refreshing, fragrant and delicious rose flavoured yogurt drink that is perfect on any special occasion and festivals. It is a perfect summer drink and best party recipe.
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Almond Rose Chai Tea Latte (Vegan)
This Vegan Almond Rose Chai Tea Latte sweetened with only maple syrup is genuinely one of the tastiest things I have ever created. It is SO good. The hints of almond, rose, and maple paired with traditional chai spice flavors like cinnamon and cardamom truly makes for one ridiculously delicious, healthy, and comforting beverage! It’s a wee bit on the enchanting side and despite the caffeine, it is super soothing and borders on being more of a moon milk (in my humble opinion)!
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a close up of rose petals resting on a chai latte
Rose Petal Shortbread Cookies GF – One Hot Oven
If you want an easy but elegant cookie these Rose Petal Shortbreads are perfect. These cookies pair well with tea and dessert wines to make a lucisous treat
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Rose Petal Shortbread Cookies GF - One Hot Oven
Charcoal Latte with Ginger + Rose (Vegan)
Slightly spicy, slightly sweet Cosmic Ginger Rose Activated Charcoal Latte! This beautiful detoxifying vegan brew is full of healthful properties, and delicious flavors!
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a pottery mug filled with charcoal latte drink
Mint and Rose Lollipops – Veggie Desserts
These mint and rose lollipops are surprisingly easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. They’re a wonderful DIY food gift or Valentine’s present.
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Rose Ice Cream
This rose ice cream is a delicious treat that’s delicately flavored with rose water and vanilla. A simple recipe that can easily be made in your ice cream maker.
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Rose Ice Cream
Strawberry White Chocolate Bark – It’s Not Complicated
Strawberry White Chocolate Bark is a delicious sweet treat that is quickly and easily made. Add your favourite toppings to make this recipe your own!
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Rose Milk with Homemade Rose Syrup plus Gulkand – The Belly Rules the Mind
Learn how to make calming and refreshing Rose Milk with Homemade Rose Syrup using real rose petals.Bonus Gulkand Recipe. Instant Pot Video + Stove Top.
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Gluten-Free Persian Love Cake
A rich and decadent Persian Love Cake made with rose, cardamom, saffron, almond flour and honey. Topped with rose cardamom honey syrup and a thick coconut butter glaze. Gluten-Free.
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persian love cake with red glaze next to gauzy fabric
Rose Petal and Coconut Barfi – The Winged Fork
Simple and elegant, the coconut barfi infused with roses is perfect to indulge your sweet tooth! This version of the traditional Indian burfi is coconutty and creamy, sweet and rosy!
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Rose Milk Tea (Rose Tea Latte Recipe + Video) – Flavours Treat
Rose milk tea is a rose syrup infused in black tea with milk. Perfect drink to enjoy with homemade rose syrup. Check the recipe with detailed video.
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Muhalabieh (Middle Eastern Milk Pudding Dessert) – Little Sunny Kitchen
An incredible and creamy Middle Eastern milk pudding infused with rose water, and topped with crushed pistachios.
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What is Seed Cycling? + Moon Milk Recipes for Hormone Health
These vegan moon milk recipes make a perfectly healthy, easy and delicious way to balance your hormones with the use of seed cycling for hormone balance. These seed cycling moon milk recipes contain powerful nutrient-dense ingredients such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rose petals, cardamom, cinnamon, coconut oil and lavender to complement your follicular and luteal reproductive phases to bring you more in sync with the phases of the moon and restore healthy menstrual cycles!
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two mugs of seed cycling moon milk topped with rose petals lavender and seeds
Rose petals in sugar – Electric Blue Food
Rose petals in sugar are preserved raw. Jams and marmalades are cooked, while this preserve is not. The rose petals in sugar are stored in the fridge.
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Thandai Recipe | Shardai (With Video and Step-by-Step Photos) – Veg Recipes of India
An easy thandai recipe also known as shardai for Holi festival. Thandai is a traditional drink from North India made with nuts, seeds, spices
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Rose Syrup Recipe and What to Do with It – Tin and Thyme
An easy u0026 natural recipe for rose syrup u0026 some of the ways you can use it. Deliciously fragrant, colourful u0026 captures the spirit of summer.
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Rose Lemonade
This Rose Lemonade recipe combines the tart and tangy flavor of lemonade with the beautiful floral flavor of rose! A simple refreshing drink.
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Rose Lemonade
Pink Moon Milk {a dreamy sleep tonic} – Heartbeet Kitchen
This lovely Pink Moon Milk is a soothing sleep tonic, made with almond milk, honey, and tart cherry juice – a natural source of melatonin.
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Rose Lotion Bars

Rose Milk Herbal Bath Bombs

Rose Oat Salt Scrub

Calendula Rose Bath Bombs

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